Dubai Food Series : JBR – The walk

If you spending the day at the beach or are booked into one of the many hotels on JBR , you don’t have to leave at all in search of good food . We spent a week there just after New Year’s Day and found a range of dining options .The best part was the relaxed atmosphere and with the sand and play equipment set up all over the place the kids are not getting bored while waiting for the meal to arrive

Operation Falafel

This was great choice  for lunch or a casual supper .

The falafel obviously is the star of the show but don’t discount the chicken shawarma because it is a winner. Friendly service with a relaxed vibe .

A small menu with a lot of flavor .

Recommendations are Falafel , Stuffed Falafel , Chicken shawarma , Hummus ,Fatoush salad and Lemon mint juice and finish it all off with a Banana Chocolate Manousheh.

Bombay Bungalow

This was a good option for an Indian curry but with a difference. I wish I was hungrier or with a bigger crowd the evening we went . There was a lot I wanted to try but like with most Indian restaurant’s portions were enough to share so we limited our order .

Recommendations are Onion Bhajia , Raita tray ,Guac Pani Puri , Pau bhaji Fondue and Tadka Dhall .

What I will go back to try is the Burrata Butter Chicken ,Coconut Rasmalai and Alphonso Mango Kulfi .

Five Guys 

This is great for a quick stop after a swim when you starving and don’t want to wait a long time for food .

The one place where u can have enough Fries . The fries serving is HUGE ! With the best burgers and my absolute favourite Hot dog and with your own choice of toppings

Recommendations here are pretty obvious  but try the peanut butter shake as well .

The list of restaurants at JBR – The Walk  is endless and a few of the standard favourite’s also have branches here like

Cheesecake factory



Barbecue delights

Shake Shack


Catch 22

Aprons and Hammers

The food stands set up along the promenade at JBR are a meal in themselves especially if you have a sweet tooth or skipped desert at dinner

Crepes , chestnuts , Ice cream and our favourite – knafa , hot sticky and sweet .

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