Yummy to the Maxx – a food guide to Maxx Royal Belek

With so many flavourful options, you may find it difficult to pick your first meal. Here are a few of my favourite must eats at the 7 star resort

@ Azure Asia

Book for the Teppanyaki . The entire meal was an experience worth trying .We have had it and loved on all our trips .
(Make reservations before you check in. )

@ Azure Italian

The burrata salad is a great starter and the sour cherry tart is a good dessert

@ The PoolSide

Gozleme – potato chilli and cheese is my favourite
Kids love Nutella !
Ayran (Turkish salty yougurt drink )
Ice creams
Seasonal cut Fruit

@ The Chocolatier :
Fondue and the 3 Brothers/Sisters(cant ever remember this name but it’s the one with the cluster of 3 nuts )

@ Le Melange Patisserie

Ice Coffee
Waffles in the afternoons
Exotic flavoured macarons
Ice creams for the kids

@ Azure 24

Lamb chops
Fresh chopped salad from the salad bar
Pizzas and pastas

@ indoor pool

Try the Fresh pressed juices

There is so much more that we loved and enjoyed but this is a good start.

Afiyet olsun!

Halaal Tip:-Eventhough all foods at this resort are halaal , alcohol is served so when ordering be specific that you want a mocktail/virgin drink / or nonalcoholic drink !!

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